Preliminary Schedule


Wanderfest Opening Party

Location: Hostelling International Austin


Welcome to Wanderfest! Get to know the other Wanderful women this weekend at our opening gathering. We'll have tacos, music, and fun!


Opening Session

Location: Casa de Luz, Auditorium

Get started with the day, meet some other amazing travelers, and get to know our founder and CEO, Beth!


Block 1

Block 1A (9am-10:20am)

--Option 1: Yoga for Self-Empowerment with Mariko Jana Azis

Ready for some morning yoga? This 60 - 75 minute yoga class incorporates postures, breathing exercises, and mantras that are designed to empower ourselves to feel strong, confident, and independent in our bodies. My flow would be designed to be energizing and modifiable to all body types and abilities. Plus, you'll leave feeling confident in your ability to see, speak, and manifest your dreams.

--Option 2: People, Place and Purpose with Sophia Hyder Hock

In this fast-paced digital age, how often do we have pause and reflect moments for ourselves, let alone take the time to understand and connect with a different culture? This session will help you evaluate your professional and personal life through a people, place, and purpose framework designed to help you view your own balance in life via the people you surround yourself with, the place you live and work within, and if you find purpose in their actions. We will then evaluate how the Three P’s can be used to empathize with other cultures in an engaging and meaningful manner.

Block 1B (10:30am-11:50am)

--Option 1: Travel Hacker Workshop with Lisette Austin

Do you want to...Have enough airline miles and hotel points to travel wherever and whenever you want? Be able to go on more trips, even with a limited travel budget? Fly premium class and/or stay in five star hotels? If so - this workshop is for you.

In this one hour workshop you'll learn how to benefit from travel reward credit card offers and rack up hundreds of thousands of miles and points – without damaging your credit score or going into debt.

--Option 2: The Art of Travel Sketching with Natasha Stoppel

Do you think you can only draw a stick figure? Think again. During the Art of Travel Sketching Natasha will break down all the steps of creating a unique work of art that becomes your personal visual diary, souvenir or even a sell-able work of art! Learn about the variety of materials and the process of creating your unique travel sketch with hands on practice. No prior art experience needed, but fellow artists are welcomed.

EXCURSION (9am-12pm): Bike tour ($30, 16 spots available, pre-registration required, register here)


Lunch break!

Chow on a delicious and reasonably priced lunch at Casa de Luz or take a break and explore Austin!


Block 2

Block 2A (2pm-3:20pm)

--Option 1: Travel, Serve, Inspire: How To Find Meaningful Work Abroad (and have fun + see the world, too!) with Victoria Neff

We travel for different reasons -- whether it be to lose ourselves through adventure or find ourselves through retreat -- ultimately, the journey transforms us. Meaningful work and service to others are the *special sauce* when it comes to programming your ultimate travel and life-changing experience.

This workshop is designed for people that want to:
1 - enrich and deepen their travel experiences with service learning, volunteering, active philanthropy and/or professional work abroad but are not sure where to start;
2 - leverage volunteering experiences abroad to transition or advance in their career; and
3 - understand international recruitment and hiring processes for employers, particularly in the travel, nonprofit and/or international education industries.

By the end of this workshop, participants will have the knowledge, resources and tools to integrate meaningful work and service to their travel, be it short-term or long-term, temporary or permanent.

--Option 2: The City Girl's Guide to Backpacking and Camping with Phylecia Jones

Bugs, bears, and too many Friday the 13th movies have made some of us a bit afraid to go into the great outdoors! In the glamorous world of 1st class and luxury travel surroundings, it is easy to over the look the benefits to your soul, and wallets, of choosing to be one with nature.

In this workshop, I want to encourage, while breaking down myths, the joy of camping and backpacking. We will explore:
- What you need to get outside without spending a lot of money
- How camping can go from sleeping on the ground to glamping in posh surroundings
- Choosing the best outdoor style for you... camping, glamping, or backpacking
- How to pack, cook, and eat light
- Why you should not be afraid of bugs, animals and Jason Voorhees
- How to turn an outdoor experience into a life changing experience

Block 2B (3:30pm-5pm)

--Option 1: Introduction to the Brazilian Martial Art of Capoeira with Nailah Hayward

This workshop will get the participants up and moving!  Capoeira is a beautiful, flowing martial art that combines kicks, evasive movements, acrobatics, music and dance elements.

In this workshop, you'll learn basic movements, kicks and concepts of capoeira and by the end of the class, each person will be equipped to "play a game" of capoeira with a partner. In addition, participants will learn a few words in Portuguese, hear some traditional instruments and learn to sign a capoeira song. This class is appropriate for people of all fitness levels and can be tailored to meet people's physical restrictions.

--Option 2: Jewelry-making & how to be an impactful traveler with Laura Hamm

Participants will be provided with materials, tools and instructions to create their own jewelry pieces from coins from around the world. During the course workshop, we'll have an informal q&a on how to create positive impact in communities while traveling abroad. We'll mirror the jewelry-making activity that benefits a local organization with the idea of doing hands-on activities abroad that benefit local communities. Proceeds from any pre-made jewelry purchases or self-made jewelry purchases will all be donated to an Austin animal shelter.

EXCURSION 1 (2pm-5pm): Wine Tasting ($30, 10 spots available, pre-registration required, register here)

EXCURSION 2 (2pm-5pm): Group Hike (Free, 10 spots available, pre-registration required, register here)


Night on the town

Explore Austin with your new soul sisters through informal, group excursions to a number of Austin's coolest venues. Check your attendee guide for our sign-up spreadsheet where you can find a group to join for your outing!


Welcome Day 2!

Announcements and more as we kick of day 2 of Wanderfest!


Block 3

Block 3A (9am-10:20am)

--Option 1: Italian language for travelers with Rachelle Jackson

Start speaking practical Italian right away with interactive exercises, lots of laughter and time to share our favorite stories about Italy!

--Option 2: Mindfulness with Hema Ramsingh

Staying mindful keeps you in the moment, enjoying every aspect of your travels. We all lead busy lives and sometimes forget to enjoy the moment while traveling, instead focusing on getting great pictures for our website or social media. Let's take some time to remember to focus on ourselves, focus on the here & now and enjoy the experience.

We'll cover: exercises to reduce anxiety & stress, mindful eating (this is great for those who are not comfortable dining alone) and the art of doing nothing - because we don't have to be busy all the time, even when traveling.

Block 3B (10:30pm-11:50am)

--Option 1: The Power of Traveling for Girls with Devika Kumar

Oftentimes, we talk about women and children, but never the unique position and experiences of girls. As a long-time Girl Scout and an avid traveler as a young girl, the ability to travel has had profound effects on shaping my perspectives through adolescence and my growth alongside other girls. I've had the fortune of spending anywhere from two weeks to two months in new places with girls my age as my companions. It's brought me into this unique sisterhood filled with memories, growth, and passions, which have all led to The MAHI Project.

--Option 2: Travel Writing with Penny Sadler

Have you always wanted to write about your experiences, but felt uncertain how to do so in a way that was interesting to other people? A talent for telling a good story is a worthy aspiration. And guess what? You don’t have to be born with it. It’s actually something you can learn.


Whether you're seeking a way of seeing the world with words in mind, or you're an absolute beginner (perhaps even terrified to write one word), in this class, we will explore ways to get inspired and get your story out of your head and into the world. This will be a hands-on class. Through prompts and other techniques, you will discover how to write with all of your senses to create a memorable read. We are not going to worry about whether you feel your writing is good or bad, or follow any rules. We will be fearless!


But, travel writing doesn’t have to be only about the physical journey–it can also be about your personal journey, for with (or without) your being aware of it, travel will change you.


Join Penny as she shares her experience and techniques for finding and developing a travel story. Depending on the weather and size of the class, the group may go for a short walk in the neighborhood, so come prepared. A small journal or notebook will be provided to all participants, but feel free to bring your laptops or old school pen and paper.

EXCURSION (9am-12pm): Instagram walking tour (Free, 30 spots available, pre-registration required, register here)



Chow on a delicious and reasonably priced lunch at Casa de Luz or take a break and explore Austin!


Block 4

Block 4A (2pm-3:20pm)

--Option 1: Sustainable Travel with Abbie Synan

Join us for a responsible tourism conversation followed by group discussion.  We'll talk about how to be a more ethically & responsibly minded tourist, as well as have an open dialogue about steps towards sustainable travel.  

--Option 2: DIY Souvenirs with Allyson Prock

Austin’s slogan, “Keep Austin weird” encourages creativity in all artistic arenas. DIY Souvenirs will give attendees an inside look into Austin’s street art scene. Not only will we each create a one-of-a-kind take-home souvenir but we’ll also work together to leave behind a small (legal!) piece of street art in Austin!

Block 4B (3:30pm-5pm)

--Option 1: Introduction to the Brazilian Martial Art of Capoeira (2nd offering)

See description above

--Option 2: Jewelry-making & how to be an impactful traveler (2nd offering)

See description above

EXCURSION (2pm-5pm): Food tour (Free to reserve, pay-as-you-go, 12 spots available, pre-registration required, register here)


Community Night: Story Slam

Our most cherished Wanderfest event -- our Sunday Night Story Slam! Join us to hear some amazing, scary, fun, embarrassing, adventurous stories straight from the mouths of our travelers themselves. Sign up to share your story and join us for an unforgettable evening!


Block 5

Block 5A (9am-10:20am)

--Option 1: Yoga for Self Empowerment (2nd offering)

See description above

--Option 2: True Wealth is Experiential: Why You can Achieve Your Travel Dreams and Rock Your Finances at the Same Time with Erin Papworth

Description TBD

Block 5B (10:30pm-11:50am)

--Option 1: DIY Souvenirs with Allyson Prock (2nd offering)

See description above

--Option 2: Women Travelers Rising: What’s Next?  with Beth Santos

Is travel a right, a privilege, or a responsibility? What is our role as travelers in supporting our global sisters? What are the obstacles that are still keeping us women from traveling the world the way we want to? This session aims to close out an amazing Wanderfest weekend by giving us an opportunity to examine ourselves and what we’ve learned together, to think about the challenges and solutions facing women travelers today, and to discuss how we can be a part of the future. What can we do as travelers, as members of a community? How does this relate to how we can grow and improve travel-focused activities like Wanderfest? If this weekend has left you with thoughts, questions, and ideas, join us for a lively discussion on how we can take action together.

EXCURSION (9am-12pm): Bike tour ($30, 16 spots available, pre-registration required, register here)


Lunch and Farewell

Purchase some lunch at Casa de Luz -- it's not goodbye, just "see you next year!"


February 1


February 2


February 3


February 4

Subject to change; more details to come.

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